Lemons, as we all know, can be put to a myriad of uses;  here are a few treats we’ve been busy with on the farm this winter.
Just to say that stirring away for hours in a double boiler on the Aga stove is really a very therapeutic and enjoyable way to spend time making delicious Lemon Curd. No place as cosy as a farm kitchen with the Aga running for weeks on end.  Well, we have enough lemon curd to last us a year….so simple to make, can now whip up desserts, tarts with no effort at all.

Myre also made countless batches of mini lemon cakes as well, which freeze well.

We’re also making our own household cleaner….thrilled about this. Spirit vinegar is dirt cheap, an excellent acidic cleanser, non-toxic, microbial.   An amazing product!   No more harsh cleaning products required;  just this freshly scented with lemon cleanser, which needs to soak for about 3 weeks.  Really a great feeling not to be throwing away lemon peels, and producing something non-toxic for the farm. All this experimentation in lockdown months!