“KAROO” – Lawrence G Green

  CHAPTER III THE SPRINGBOK MIGRATIONS “The countless springboks are my flock Spread o’er the unbounded plain.” -Thomas Pringle THOSE vast springbok migrations which devastated the karoo districts of South Africa almost up to the end of last century must have formed the most dramatic

Scimitar Oryx

This beautiful species of Oryx, also known as Sahara Oryx, were once widespread across North Africa but became extinct in the wild around 2000. How sad is this! – and whatever could have caused it? In short….. human disturbance, over-hunting, drought and loss of food due to excessive livestock grazing were all reasons for this […]

Bokkie the Baby White Springbok

This is a White Springbok, indigenous in South Africa. White Springbok are not albino’s, but a different color phase to the normal Springbok, with a recessive gene. 3 days after rescuing Bokkie, he began to feed easily; had lost his sucking reflex due to the trauma, so needed much persuasion initially. Amazing to see his instincts […]