Lemon Delights

Lemons, as we all know, can be put to a myriad of uses;  here are a few treats we’ve been busy with on the farm this winter. Just to say that stirring away for hours in a double boiler on the Aga stove is really a very therapeutic and enjoyable way to spend time making […]

Christmas in the Karoo

Always a reminder of how the year has flown by when once again we cut a tall Aloe flower that has already begun to dry……and that becomes our Karoo Christmas Tree. This ritual provides us with so much joy, and our Chapel takes on the Spirit of Christmas. Never cease to be amazed by the […]

Martha’s Ginger Biscuit Recipe

Nothing quite like a real old time delicious genuine Ginger Biscuit! These are always on offer at BloemhofKaroo. 250g Butter 1 egg 5 cups Flour Half a cup Sugar Half a cup Milk 250g Golden Syrup 1 ½ tsp Bicarb 4tsp powdered Ginger pinch salt Soften the butter.  Add the egg, sugar, milk and syrup. Sieve […]

Karoo Cuisine – Apple Chutney

I’m never sure where the Heart of a Karoo Homestead is… … the farmyard, the crucial windmill, the blazing fireplace in winter, or the Farmhouse Kitchen. I guess more often than not its The Kitchen – don’t we all love the sight and warmth of an old farm AGA Stove? The main attraction of the […]