Helpers within the Plakkers Community

So happy about our latest step forward in Plakkers Kamp. Have found a wonderful young woman Lilone, living in the area, who has undertaken to facilitate with distribution of food parcels and manage the “soup kitchen”. She’s amazing! Lilone knows the community’s needs firsthand, she has some very competent kind helpers, who ensure all the children are lined up, they have to wash hands and only then could get their bowl of soup and bread. Too sweet… and also taught to say thank you! We handed out masks, and do see that a good awareness of keeping yourself and others safe is developing in Plakkers, even amongst the children. Lots more to tell about this initiative, as you can see on our dedicated Instagram page for Bloemhofkaroo_plakkers…such a privilege to be able to help!

So thankful to have met a lovely lady Isabel Jacobs who has a small bakery in Richmond. There is nothing like fresh warm bread, as we all know. This should be a thriving little business! Isabel this week baked 100 loaves on Tuesday, 100 on Wednesday…each cut in half for the Plakkers community. She delivers at no charge as a service to her customers. Of course a half loaf of bread doesn’t go far….but there was happy energy and enjoyment amongst the women as they all stood around, receiving their loaf, and children each getting 2 slices there and then. A calm peace and sense of gratitude prevails in Plakkers….children are cared for, taught to say thank you.

We left a supply of mealie meal and soya mince with Lilone for any families in desperate need. Am trying to procure another 200 or more blankets, and investigating if we could give each household a Consol solar light jar…to avoid use of candles as a light, notoriously dangerous in winter…always a few tragedies. We are so grateful for all the encouragement and support for these families….I feel sure that we will be able to ease their burden in time.