Hope to Welcome Cyclists Soon!

The word is out that the Karoo is going to be the post-Coronavirus Viral-Free tourism hotspot in South Africa.

How great will that be for the Karoo.

We have developed 3 stunning Cycle Routes on the farm. Of course could receive no cyclists during the Lockdown period, but hoping leisure and recreational travel is allowed in the not too distant future.

Cycling is really a great way to see the vast Karoo expanses…. herds of antelope popping up unexpectedly… amazing scenery… sunsets…

Quite a variety of terrain on the farm; routes can be taylor-made for families, couples….and of course some very technical stuff for the hardcore cyclist. Also meanders to towns of Richmond and Murraysburg.

Please contact Jenny for any further info.

A few stunning pics to whet your appetite.

And you’ll certainly be well fed by Martha and her team!