Lockdown Assistance to Richmond Community

I had no idea that Coronavirus Lockdown would take us into a mobile feeding scheme on the edge of our nearest town Richmond.

There are truly no words for the devastating situation in this community… so so many people…hunger is rife, desperation all around…yet there is such a sense of love and support of one another…so heart-wrenching to see. Must be amazing women /mothers to cope under such extreme circumstances. 

We created a mobile soup kitchen at the back of the Landrover….oh what a moving distressing and yet fulfilling experience. Thankful to have been able to fill quite a number of tummies on a very rainy cold day. What a wonderful joint effort from Martha, Myre, Zelda and Eva…they did all the cooking, and knew so well how to distribute as quickly and fairly as possible. We’ve decided to take this area under our wing, and are hoping to provide a lot more to these people who really are in a dire situation.
Due to Lockdown, everyone had to be “served” the soup and sandwiches at their own house, hence them standing behind a fence rather than coming to the vehicle. So many beautiful children!…and gracious old ladies. Most touching was the order and care amongst them…all waiting their turn in hope. Truly an amazing experience; am so privileged to work with such awesome women as our farm ladies. Will let you know what further we hope to do. The ravenous dogs were pitiful beyond words.

We managed to assemble 130 food parcels on the farm which were also distributed to Plakkers Kamp residents. Such a great energy working with Myre, Zelda, Eva! The community is really extremely vulnerable… 4 taps supply running water to the whole community, no lighting…have to walk kilometres to collect wood. Despite the harsh circumstances there appear to be a gentle caring feeling amongst the people. Seems to be mostly women, young children and elderly men…. do seem to look out for one another.

We have been overwhelmed at friends, family and guests’ generosity in sending donations to help alleviate the plight of this community. We even received donations from people not known to us at all, and are very determined to keep supporting the people in Plakkers Kamp in every way possible. We’re hoping to distribute blankets and clothing as well to tide them through the cold winter months.

Concerning legislation appeared 2 days ago in South Africa, regarding no one being allowed to support feeding schemes without all food parcels going to a centralised government distribution warehouse. We don’t have time to spare…many of the people in Plakkers Kamp are in desperate need of food.