Myre Adolf

Myre Adolf is the 4th child of Martha and Paul, and has become pivotal in organising so much for the guest house. She does all the provisioning, much of the bulk cooking, also drives farm staff to town at times, has amazing people skills as many of our guests attest. She is an extraordinary, accomplished […]

Paul Adolf (retired)

Paul Adolf spent time on the farm as a child, one of eleven children in fact! Martha and Paul were married in the early 1980’s, and have 5 children. Paul remembers Professor Chris Barnard very well and has wonderful stories to recount.

Martha Adolf (retired)

Martha Adolf, nee Sesman, was born on 24 Aug 1961 at her parents’ home in Richmond. She spent all her growing up years in Richmond, and is literally known by everyone in the town and surrounds. Martha is an extraordinary woman, adored by her husband, children and numerous grandchildren. She ran BloemhofKaroo guest house for […]