BloemhofKaroo is unique in that guests are taken back in time, and are able to experience how it would have been living in your own gracious old family Karoo home.

Karoo Life of a past era has been comfortably and tastefully resurrected in this beautiful original homestead. Farming methods of days gone by have also been brought back to good usage, like the Lei-Vore (channel) method of manually flooding crops.

Authenticity and a natural flare for Karoo hospitality is what you will find so heartwarming and engaging at BloemhofKaroo.

Some of the Staff have known the farm for over 30 years, and have lived in Shepherd’s cottages in remote parts of the Reserve.

They have wonderful stories to tell of past happenings, previous owners, neighbours, sadnesses, droughts, and how life has changed in this part of the Upper Karoo.

It is enthralling to listen to these stories, especially from Paul and Martha who remember Prof Chris Barnard well, and speak of him with such fondness.


Current drought conditions have been very challenging, so all the more reason for us to take vigilant care of our vegetable lands, so we can provide our Guests and Staff with fresh produce.

We are also able at times to offer vegetables to elderly people in Richmond who are in a dire situation.

Our endeavors toward Self-Sustainability have been so exciting.

Fresh organic Karoo vegetables and herbs are used in our food preparation wherever possible.

Guests are mesmerized to see how the whole acre of tilled ground is watered manually in 40 minutes.

This is known as the LEI-VORE method of irrigation, which we use very successfully at BloemhofKaroo.


Guests are always keen to know about all the bits and pieces that make BloemhofKaroo unique and interesting – there are indeed some fascinating tales about where and how we’ve sourced some of the Memorabilia scattered around the guest house!

So we’ve recently opened our own Antique Alley!

We have an assortment of Brass, Silver, Copper, Enamelware, Fine Bone China, and lots of well priced Bric-A-Brac; teaspoons galore, and some cute old fashioned items, unusual homeware sourced all over the Karoo.

Guests should easily find little Christmas gifts, and of course, we sell all the homemade Jams, Preserves and Pickles made here at BloemhofKaroo during the year.


BloemhofKaroo Gift Shop is expanding!

Thrilled to be stocking some gorgeous large blankets, car rugs, baby blankets, and doggie blankets.

They’ve been so popular with guests this past season, especially the non-sew rugs made by our farm ladies.  A firm favourite is also our cabled wrist warmers.

A selection of Karoo produce, Martha’s homemade jams and preserves, our farm Ginger Beer and Lemon syrup always in stock, as well as Le Chasseur Olive Oil, an excellent product