The Farm

Guests can experience the vastness of this 15000 ha private game reserve where more than 2000 head of antelope roam freely. Scenic game drives can be booked spontaneously.
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BloemhofKaroo is truly a special place in our country, with an abundance of flora and fauna to be seen if one can just slow down and take a little time.

As Eve Palmer wrote….”At first encounter the Karoo may seem arid, desolate and unforgiving, but to those who know it, it is a land of secret beauty and infinite variety”.

We invite you also to visit and experience what this great Karoo has to offer.   

We have been stricken and then blessed to have survived droughts, to have seen amazing resurgence of vegetation…indeed a landscape of harshness and delight.  

The Farm really has something to offer all ages;  from simple farmyard pleasures to experiencing the vast expanse before one’s eyes.

Our family feel so fortunate to have been custodians of this farm for the past 23 years.
We are all deeply attached to this incredible lesser known part of South Africa, and would love to share it with you.

Farm Activities


Relaxing hours of “Stoepsit”…. watching sunrise with a coffee in hand, taking in the vast expanse, the quietness, farm sounds.

Amazing sunsets, sundowners always memorable.

Peruse our Collectors’ library of books on the Boer War, and many fascinating books on the greater Karoo.


The Milky Way can be seen in the Karoo like few other places in South Africa, possibly on earth. Use an App to identify stars as they appear.

Veld Picnics

Who doesn’t love a Picnic with a view.

Picnic basket for 4 at R720, excl drinks.

Bake Bread

A bread baking demonstration will give you a chance to try your hand at kneading; learn the Karoo art of making oven koekies, loaves, roosterkoek, vetkoek.

Game Drives

Scenic Drives on adjoining private Reserve where more than 2000 head of antelope roam.  Can be booked upon arrival.
R 1 250 for approx. 2 hours.

This farm has a small herd of very rare American Bison. Good chance to spot them if staying 2 nights or more.

Guided Walks

Guided complimentary 40 minute amble up to Kudu Rock, with a chance to spot our rare Arabian Oryx.  Spectacular view across the veld. Great Sundowners spot (drinks will be charged)


Extensive hiking opportunities on the 15 000 hectare farm.

Easy walking… varying to strenuous hikes into Tronkkloof Gorge.

 Backup support always available.
Mountain Biking

More than two hundred km of gravel roads, varying degress of fitness and technical skill. All marked on RidewithGPS.


The Boules court in front of the farmstead never fails to enthral. Try your hand at this on lazy afternoons.

Working Remotely

Wifi access and tranquil surroundings provide great opportunity to work from here. Several private spaces as well as meeting rooms.

Art & Photography

Pack your paints and lose yourself in the beauty of the Karoo landscapes.  Amazing Photography opportunities…difficult to describe.